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Millwood Plumbing and Heating offers same-day replacement of water heaters if necessary, and installations are generally completed by Gateway's factory-trained, licensed professionals within an hour of arrival. After removing your old heater from your home, we dispose of it in a proper facility.

  • Repair, installation, and replacement of most residential or commercial hot water heaters
  • Maintenance and repair of your existing water heater
  • Gas and electric hot water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Tankless hot water heaters
  • Instant hot water at any faucet
  • Service and repair of most makes and models
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Rapid Response, Expert Diagnosis

You can count on Millwood Plumbing and Heating for a rapid, on-time response. When you have a hot water problem, we'll be there to expertly diagnose your hot water problems and help you with a solution.

All Makes and Models of Water Heaters

We can diagnose and repair all makes and models of water heaters—not just some of them.

Repair Prices Upfront

Once your problem has been diagnosed, we'll give you a price upfront for any repairs for your total peace of mind. We charge by the job, not the hour, which can save you money too—no matter how long the repair takes, the price is the same. We'll work to repair systems that others would just give up on and replace and give you a choice with your various options.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we'll return for FREE. You can sure that the job will be done right with a superb level of customer service.

Delighted Customers

Join our delighted customers in discovering the Millwood Plumbing and Heating difference for your hot water repairs.

All Types of Repairs

Whatever your hot water problem, from no hot water, only mildly warm water, low hot water pressure, and leaking hot water tanks to strange water heater noises and rusted heaters, we can take care of it. All tank water heaters are prone to pressure problems (the pressure release valve is an important safety feature) and to rust (it's hot water in metal and uses a sacrificial anode to 'sacrifice' itself instead—this needs to be replaced or the whole tank rusts out), so periodic service is important to prolong the life of your heater.

Guaranteed Repairs

All new parts and workmanship are backed by a written guarantee.

Great Deals on Replacement Heaters

If it turns out you would prefer to replace your system or upgrade it to a more energy efficient model, then we can also help with amazing service and value—and of course an industry-leading warranty so that you can rely on continuous hot water year after year.

Friendly and Helpful

From the first time you call us, you'll discover that we're a friendly and helpful Colorado company, dedicated to helping our local community.

Contact Millwood Plumbing & Heating for all your hot water heater needs. Call (303) 421-4506.


Since 1973, Millwood Plumbing and Heating has been providing quality residential and commercial heating and plumbing services to customers along the Colorado Front Range.

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